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About us

HairPro has thrived in the beauty industry as one of the leading brands, which is known for its breakthrough technology in hair styling products. We understand the importance of the tools of trade and have thus, thrived towards achieving success and intensifying stylist skills with exceptional products and equipments. We are one of the most trusted brands recognised for our exceptional products and exemplary features with excellent services.


At HairPro, we encourage the freedom of expression, the thrill and the zest to develop new techniques that can pull off creative pangs, in the realm of reality. From an atmosphere of unadultered creativity and boundless freedom, evolves the need for newer techniques to fulfil the vision of the stylists and their anticipation of a contemporary hairdo or a makeover. Hairstylists are the kings of the style, beauty and panache, which a client looks for, in their haircare and stylising, to match with their attire and personality. Upon finely observing their methods, requirements and preferred use of products, our analysis has then led us to devising professional hair dryers, scissors, hair brushes and other salon essentials, which are state of the art instruments and guarantee healthyshining hair, after every application. These tools of trade do need to last forever and work perfectly, in order to help every stylist achieve their vision to the fullest.


The key to amazing hair, stylising and creative outcomes is the hair products and equipments. Every stylist deserves a tool that is more than reliable, durable and user friendly to operate now, don't they? HairPro emphasises on the needs of the stylists and helps them recreate their creative vision to achieve the desired look for every client. For HairPro, hair and fashion are inextricably linked, since the inception of ideas and cultures defining the art, design and internal beauty caressed with a dole in the appearance of every individual. We have teamed up with the best of the technology experts, beauty experts and cosmetology councils, stylists and professionals, to develop a unique range of highly professional hairstyling and drying line of products

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